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Examining different organically suitable regulatory measures against Drosophila suzukii


The spotted-wing vinegar fly Drosophila suzukii was introduced to Europe in 2008. In 2011, there were reports of severe damages in the Mediterranean region. In 2012, the spotted-wing drosophila was found all over Switzerland. The flies attack all soft fruits (berries, cherries, grapes), as well as many wild plants. The lack of regulation leads to severe damages. In order to ensure the future cultivation of organic berries, cherries and grapes, various control approaches are being examined in the laboratory and in the open land.

(Research) Program
  • Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) – Research, training and innovation
  • Interreg
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FiBL project staff
Research area
  • Cultivation Technique Fruit & Wine crops (Department of Crop Sciences)
  • Entomology & Agroecology (Department of Crop Sciences)
  • Plant Breeding (Department of Crop Sciences)
FiBL project number 25032
Date modified 11.06.2019