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Suitability analysis of mobile keeping of organic laying hens in organic apple orchards

Title OriginalApfelhühner: Eignungsanalyse der mobilen Haltung von Bio-Legehennen in Bio-Apfelplantagen

Organic agriculture in Austria has developed splendidly in recent years. The significantly increasing demand for high-quality organic food was mainly satisfied by the professionalization of primary agricultural production. As a result, specialization and tendencies towards industrialization can be observed. For example, the concentration on just one single branch of operations and marketing conflicts with the basic idea of organic farming to work in as closed cycles as possible. An essential part of this is the integration of farm animals into the operating cycle.

This two-year practical project is intended to research the conditions under which the keeping of organic laying hens in mobile stabels in the middle of the organic apple orchards can succeed. The project is a cooperation between FiBL, organic farmers from Von Herzen Biobauern GmbH and Ja! Natürlich GmbH.

Financing/ Donor
  • Ja! Natürlich Naturprodukte GmbH
  • Regionalentwicklung Oststeiermark
Project partners
  • Von Herzen Biobauern GmbH
Project Advisory Board
  • Andreas Kranzler, Richard Petrasek, Reinhard Gessl (all FiBL AT)
  • Fritz Prem, Hansi Trummer und Martin Weberhofer (all Von Herzen Biobauern GmbH)
FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL

Project lead

Research area
  • Animal husbandry (Austria)
  • Crop production and vegetable growing (Austria)
  • Sustainability assessment (Austria)
Date modified 17.12.2020