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Conducting of trainings for cotton farmers and selected key stakeholders in the implementation of organic cotton standards in Uzbek cotton production

Title OriginalConducting of trainings for cotton farmers and selected key stakeholders in the implementation of organic cotton standards in Uzbek cotton production

The aim of the consultancy service is to introduce knowledge and skills about the organic cotton standard as well as the implementation of this standard in the following four target regions of Uzbekistan: Jizzakh, Samarqand, Tashkent and Navoiy region.

Detailed Description

The first aim is to conduct a well-prepared and seasonal series of training workshops for the four regions in order to create a competent group of farm managers, farmworkers and farmers on the implementation of organic cotton standards and the principles of organic cotton systems. These up to 9 training sessions (1-2 days) will be based on specifically produced training materials already tested in Uzbekistan. New modules will be developed according to seasonal and practical needs and requirements as well as integrating group works. The first training will start in summer of 2020.

The second aim is to support the GIZ Uzbekistan project “Sustainability and Value Added in the Cotton Economy“, particularly its component of organic cotton. The implementation plan will be elaborated jointly, taking into account other related trainings (like the Better Cotton initiative)

The third aim is to support, involve and coach the local expert in their specific role for the four regions Jizzakh, Samarqand, Tashkent and Navoiy;
The final aim is to involve the second international expert Amritbir Riar of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), which is working on organic pest management containing practical knowledge and measures to solve ad-hoc pest and disease problems of the involved organic cotton farms. Two training sessions will be organized.

Each training will be documented (pictures, documentation of workshop materials). Also, the activities will support a data collection and monitoring system on the application of organic standards. This data shall be applicable for digitalization in its various forms.

Trainings (in the four regions mentioned above) will be set up to accompany farmers and managers during the season and give practical advice on demand and within the scope of the terms of reference. The constant expert support for the cotton producers implementing organic standards will be done in close cooperation with the involved local cotton expert.

Financing/ Donor
  • German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ)
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Project partners
  • GIZ Usbekistan
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FiBL project staff
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Further information

The context of this project is the global pro-gramme ‘Sustainability and Value Added in the Cotton Economy’ led by GIZ. The partner countries included are Burkina Faso, Came-roon, India and Uzbekistan. The programme is part of BMZ’s special initiative “ONE-WORLD – No Hunger” (SEWOH). The dura-tion of the programme is from 04/2019 until 03/2023.

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FiBL project number 65198
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