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Impulses for the further development of the German Future Strategy for Organic Agriculture (ZöL) in the context of action plans for more organic farming in Europe


The project aims to ensure that knowledge and experience in Europe can be used to develop organic farming with a view to the German 20% organic farming target and customs duties.
Through personal exchange with actors from other European countries, practical experience and impulses for new approaches will be revealed. Now that the Future Strategy for Organic Agriculture is entering a phase of revision, it is a good time to learn about the successes and challenges. With the results of the project, the applicant would like to make a contribution to further developing the German Future Strategy for Organic Agriculture in a practical and solution-oriented manner so that the Federal Government can achieve the 20% land use target.

Financing/ Donor
  • Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)
(Research) Program
  • Federal Scheme for Organic and other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (BÖLN)
Project partners
  • BÖLW (Projektleitung)
  • IFOAM EU (Projektpartner)
  • Thünen-Institut für Betriebswirtschaft (Unterauftragnehmer)
FiBL project leader/ contact
Role of FiBL

Unterauftragnehmer (Unterstützung bei Organisation und inhaltlicher Ausgestaltung des EOC, Arbeitspaket 2))

FiBL project number 4007, 4008
Date modified 02.06.2020
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