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Organic farming without copper


Organic farming needs to move away from copper in order to remain credible in the short and long term. Alternative plant protection products will play a key role, e.g. in viticulture, as there is no interest in abandoning traditional (susceptible) varieties. Typically, the development of plant protection products is a task assumed by the plant protection industry. The market potential for copper-replacement products in relation to costs and risks is, however, too low for a company to assume the task. Only through sponsored support of research and development can a breakthrough be made. In order to achieve a breakthrough as well as further advancements, a new initiative must be more effective: Plant protection substances must be identified from the ground up, and developed until their market launch. The aim of the project is the development of selective, highly effective copper substitute products from components of plants and micro-organisms.

Financing/ Donor

Coop Sustainability Fund

(Research) Program
  • Partnership Coop and FiBL
FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Tamm Lucius (Director of Cooperation, Department of Crop Sciences)
FiBL project staff
Research area
  • Crop Protection - Phytopathology (Department of Crop Sciences)
  • Cultivation Technique Fruit & Wine crops (Department of Crop Sciences)
FiBL project number 25024
Date modified 13.07.2020