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Italian Input List

Title OriginalItalian Input List

The Italian Input List project is a joint effort of FiBL and FederBio. The project was launched in mid-2018, and aims to establish an Italian Input List, listing products that may legally be used in organic production in Italy.

The Italian Input List, like all other input lists associated with the European Input List, is a result of thorough evaluation of commercial products against FiBL’s organic admission criteria and the relevant legislation. In addition to the basic admission criteria for the European Input List, a set of supplementary national criteria has been established by FiBL and FederBio in close collaboration.

The first call for product submission was launched in October 2019. The first issue of the Italian Input List will be issued in spring 2020.

Project partners
  • FederBio
Project Advisory Board
  • FederBio
FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
  • Tamm Lucius (Director of Cooperation, Department of Crop Sciences)
Role of FiBL

Project manager

Further information

https://mezzi-tecnici-bio.it (Italian)

Research area
FiBL project number 25066
Date modified 25.02.2020
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