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Influencing factors on the choice of organic meat meals in business canteens


The aim of the project is to investigate the choice behaviour of guests in business canteens with regard to organic meat meals. Special attention is addressed to the effect that information on the attributes "organic" and "animal welfare" can have on the choice of menus. Therefore, two business canteens will be recruited and as well stated as revealed preferences of guests for organic meat meals will be elicited. Several methods will be used: At first, a qualitative experiment using "think aloud method" will be conducted to analyse the guest’s perception of the presented information. Secondly, a choice experiment will be applied to analyse the stated preferences of guests. Thirdly, in existing meals, the conventional meat component will be replaced by an organic meat component and the menu choices will be measured (revealed preferences). Additionally, several interventions, e.g. providing information on the husbandry conditions, will be carried out. Data of both, revealed and stated preference elicitations, will be combined in one model and the influence of the measured factors on the choice of organic meat meals will be estimated. The results will be used to derive recommendations for a suitable consumer communication of organic meat meals in business canteens.

Financing/ Donor
  • Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)
(Research) Program
  • Federal Scheme for Organic and other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (BÖLN)
Project partners
  • Universität Kassel
FiBL project leader/ contact
Role of FiBL

Projektleitung, Work package manager

Research area
  • Regional value chains (Germany)
FiBL project number 6923
Date modified 04.01.2021