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German-Moroccan expert dialogue on agriculture and forestry (DIAF)

Title OriginalGerman-Moroccan expert dialogue on agriculture and forestry (DIAF)

The project focuses on three priority areas:

  • Component 1 - Organic agriculture: The objective is to enable the government of Morocco to effectively promote and control organic agriculture through appropriate legal and institutional frameworks, competent authorities and a sound marketing strategy.
  • Component 2: The objective is to strengthen the overall system of cooperatives in agriculture and forestry and to better integrate small and medium-sized enterprises into local economic cycles.
  • Component 3: This component shall contribute to the sustainable management of cedar stocks in the Ifrane National Park.

FiBL is involved in Component 1 with a focus on the development of an organic marketing strategy (national and international).

Detailed Description

With the "Plan Maroc Vert (PMV)”, the Moroccan government set itself targets for the modernisation of the agricultural sector in 2008. The sustainable use of natural resources is to play a central role in this. In regard to the potential developed by the PMV and in view of the challenges in the Moroccan agricultural sector, this project will be conducted on priority agricultural issues. Moroccan state actors should be able to draw on the experience of other countries, especially Germany and Europe, for the further shaping of their country's agricultural policy. The Moroccan side explicitly requested an expert dialogue on organic farming. In particular, organic certification is still considered a hurdle and capacities about possibilities for group certification (Internal Control System ICS) are not widespread. Furthermore, there is a lack of a sound marketing strategy for the domestic market and no reliable data in regard to the potential of the domestic market.

In order to create a coherent legal framework for the organic production of agricultural and aquatic products in Morocco, the Moroccan government published a law (39-12) in 2013 and has subsequently published numerous decrees and ordinances until September 2018. These have been closely aligned with the current EU organic regulations and implementing provisions. However, private actors from production, processing, research and consulting complain about the limited availability of production resources that are indispensable for organic farming within this legal framework (e.g. certified seed). From the point of view of these actors, there is still a lack of state advisory competencies, adequate promotional instruments and other measures to actually develop the sector and fully exploit its potential.

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  • Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)
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