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What does Zurich eat? Scope for action on a local level to promote a more sustainable nutrition

Title OriginalWas isst Zürich? Handlungsspielräume auf lokaler Ebene zur Förderung einer nachhaltigeren Ernährung

Within the scope of its responsibilities, the city of Zurich is committed to promoting environmentally friendly food and providing information on the influence of food on the global climate. The aim of the “Ernährungsforum Zürich” (Zurich Food Forum) is to ensure that better use is made of the scope for action at a local level to promote the consumption of sustainable food.

In this context, an overview of the current food supply in Zurich will be compiled. Based on this, the potentials for improving the sustainability of the urban food system with regard to the consumption of regional products will be analysed and communicated to a wider public.

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