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Better Trainings for Safer Food (BTSF): Organic Farming Scheme

Title OriginalBetter Trainings for Safer Food (BTSF): Organic Farming Scheme

The European organic food market is growing continuously, both in terms of area and market share. In the last 10 years, the EU organic market has grown fourfold and the organic products marketed have become more diverse.

The EU's legal framework for the organic production and labelling of organic products is intended to guarantee consumers that products labelled as organic have been produced in accordance with legal requirements.

The aim of the BTSF courses is to further improve the knowledge of the control requirements for organic products in this rapidly growing market. This will ensure a coherent and rigorous implementation of the Organic Farming Regulation and increase the effectiveness of control activities.

The BTSF courses will take place in different locations in the EU and will enable the exchange of experience and dissemination of best practices for control activities and procedures.

(Research) Program
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Project partners
  • European Commission: Chafea (Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency)
FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Bickel Regula (Department of Socio-Economic Sciences)
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FiBL project number 35173
Date modified 12.11.2019
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