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Organic horticultural seeds

Title OriginalSemences horticoles bio

Today, almost all seeds, young plants and ornamental perennials used in organic horticulture are of degree 3, as they are difficult to find in organic quality on the market. However, the offer is growing and several suppliers offer an organic range in their assortment. The BioSwiss labelled horticulturists are determined to go further in their approach, and do not agree to use conventional plant material even if it is now accepted by their current specifications.

The Geneva Conservatory and Botanical Garden is particularly concerned by this theme. It was the only organic garden in the world and is the only BioSwiss botanical garden, except for the Merian Botanical Garden in Basel. It favours local circuits, but Swiss organic seed producers (Sativa, Zollinger) do not always offer them fairly professional qualities. To date, he only knows of one producer of organic seedlings, with a restricted choice, who delivers to Switzerland from Germany (Vol-mary).

In the Geneva region, an interest group for organic green spaces has been created. It is composed of the city of Lancy, the school of Lullier and the city of Geneva.

Main objectives:

  • List suppliers of seeds, young plants and ornamental perennials in BioSwiss quality, in Switzerland and in neighbouring regions (Germany, Austria, Ita-lie, France)
  • Improve the accessibility of organic horticultural seeds

Secondary objectives:

  • Promote horticulture and the development of organic green spaces
  • Initiate the development of clearer BioSuisse specifications for green spaces.
Financing/ Donor
  • BioGenève
Project partners
  • BioGenève: Maxime Perret
  • Conservatoire et jardin botanique de Genève : Nicolas Freyre
FiBL project leader/ contact
Research area
FiBL project number 55322
Date modified 12.11.2019
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