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Agriculture - quo vadis? Sustainability assessment of selected development paths

Title OriginalLandwirtschaft – quo vadis? Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung ausgewählter Entwicklungspfade in der Landwirtschaft

Agriculture faces a number of challenges. But which development paths can be followed and what impacts do they have on aspects of ecological sustainability? In the project, two potential pathways were further adapted in the form of narratives. These pathways were subsequently assessed using a set of 29 ecological indicators based on the FAO SAFA guidelines. The evaluation showed that the Farming pathway (based on the principle of cost leadership and the approach of raw material production), was negative for a large number of indicators. On the other hand, the Agriculture pathway (based on the principles of environmental and quality leadership) was often positively evaluated for sustainability. This is not surprising since the agriculture pathway already provides public benefits in its approach. To further develop the Farming pathway, formulation thresholds and target values, as well as setting guidelines appears necessary to meet the requirements of sustainable agriculture. With regard to the Agriculture pathway, it is necessary to involve the food sector, since appropriate adjustments to food consumption habits are required as less food would be produced than in the Farming pathway.

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