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Maximise public goods delivery through post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Title OriginalMaximise public goods delivery through post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Agriculture is highly dependent on environment and natural resources to produce private goods for the market and public goods for society (e.g. soil fertility, biodiversity). There is often an insufficient economic motivation for farmers to provide public goods, demonstrating the failure of the market to adequately value the provision of such goods and services. The project aims to develop a concept for a more effective and cost-efficient CAP by integrating sustainability assessment in the design, targeting and monitoring of policies and in payment allocation. Furthermore, a practical guide/manual on which Member States can base (part of) their 2021-27 CAP strategic planning and implementation to maximise public goods delivery will be developed and policy recommendations on the CAP proposals of June 2018 to improve the EU framework and accountability to secure public goods delivery at the national level will be provided.

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