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Control fusariosis in garlic and melon crops according to soil diversity. Proposal of agronomic and ecological levers in SYNERGY with the potentialities of pedoclimatic contexts and with conventional and organic farming systems.

Title OriginalMaîtriser les fusarioses dans les systèmes légumiers (melon et ail) selon la diversité des sols. Proposition de leviers agronomiques et écologiques en SYNERGIE avec les potentialités des contextes pédoclimatiques et des systèmes de culture conventionnels

The general objective of the project is to identify agroecological practices useful for the management of soil-borne diseases caused by Fusarium spp. in vegetable production, depending on the pedoclimatic context and cropping systems. The two studied crops are garlic and melon, affected by root rot and tracheomycosis, respectively.

The use of compost is one of the main agroeological levers studied in this project, for which FiBL is responsible. In each of the production regions of the project, compost will be identified and analysed. Controlled and on-farm trials under various soil and climate conditions will be conducted by the FiBL team to evaluate the effect of these composts on the development and spread of Fusarium spp. on garlic and melon crops.

The use of antagonistic micro-organisms, in addition to compost, will also be studied.

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Financing/ Donor
  • The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, General Directorate for Education and Research (DGER): Dispositif CASDAR-IP, Innovation et Partenariats.
(Research) Program
  • Further programmes
Project partners
  • Acta
  • ITAB
  • INRA (UMR AgroEcologie - pôle IPM ; UR PV - Pathologie Végétale, équipe MISTRAL)
  • CNRS (UMR Ecologie Microbienne - équipe Rhizosphère)
  • Chambres d’agriculture (Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne, Haute-Garonne, Drôme et Nord-Pas de Calais)
  • EPLEFPA Montauban (82)
  • CFPPA de Die (26)
  • SudExpé
  • FiBL France
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Date modified 16.07.2020
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