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Preserving Bavarian knowledge for the treatment of farm animals with medicinal plants and natural products

Title OriginalSicherung des bayerischen Erfahrungswissens zur Behandlung von Nutztieren mit Arzneipflanzen und Naturstoffen

The body of knowledge on the application of medical plants and other natural material for the treatment of livestock diseases has been badly documented, and impends to be forgotten, especially in Northern and Middle Europe.

The research project "Preserving Bavarian knowledge for the treatment of farm animals with medicinal plants and natural products" aims to document this Bavarian knowledge comprehensively in the framework of a veterinary doctoral thesis.

For this purpose, farmers with the respective knowledge will be sought and interviewed. The remedies and applications used will be gathered and evaluated in detail. The study results will be published in scientific journals and brought back into praxis.

Financing/ Donor
  • Carstens-Stiftung Natur und Medizin
  • Dreiklang Stiftung
  • Heidi und Karl-Heinz Kübler Stiftung
  • Crowdfunding (versch. Bayerische Unternehmen, Molkereien etc.)
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Further information
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Date modified 27.01.2020