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Strategic review of the project EdAgri, Moldova

Title OriginalStrategic review of the project EdAgri, Moldova

Since 2012, the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) has sup-ported explicitly agricultural education at the college level in Moldo-va in the framework of the EdAgri project "Education for Agriculture". To plan a new EdAgri project phase (2019-21), the LED requested an outside opinion to assess to what extent organic agriculture could become priority in teaching activities and how these efforts could be complemented with capacity building activities targeting organic sector development. The assessment involved reviewing different documents and a trip to Moldova in April 2018 to interact with pro-ject and organic sector stakeholders. The findings were then docu-mented as part of the final evaluation report, which was shared and discussed with LED staff based in Moldova and Liechtenstein.

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  • Liechtenstein Development Service (LED)
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FiBL project number 65152
Date modified 12.11.2019
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