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Peer-to-peer Learning: Accessing Innovation through Demonstration

Title OriginalWissensaustausch von Bauer zu Bauer: Zugang zu Innovation durch Demonstration

The PLAID project (Peer-to-peer Learning: Accessing Innovation through Demonstration) has been designed to increase the innovativeness and sustainability of European agriculture by enabling a wider range of farmers and farm employees to access high quality peer-to-peer learning opportunities on commercial farms.

PLAID will inventory and assess a comprehensive range of demonstration activities in the EU 28, Switzerland and Norway, identifying and promoting the best practices and innovative approaches in use on commercial demonstration farms. PLAID will increase access to demonstration activities by creating a searchable georeferenced inventory and linked map, developing ‘virtual’ (on-line) demonstration approaches with commercial farmers, and highlighting best practices that ensure the inclusion of a wide range of farm types, farmers and farm employees, ages and both genders. FiBL Projekte GmbH is responsible for the inventarization of German demo-farms.

Financing/ Donor
  • European Commission, Horizon 2020
  • James Hutton Institute (über H2020 Projekt)
(Research) Program
  • European Commission, Horizon 2020
FiBL project leader/ contact
Role of FiBL

Inventory of demonstration activities in Germany

Research area
FiBL project number 4712
Date modified 27.11.2020