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Regional benefit – Assessment of socio-economic effects of regionally labelled organic products in Austria


Regionally labelled foods are supposed to enhance regional value regarding sustainable development and regional resilience. Taking these aspects into account we developed an evaluation model which quantifies the contribution of regional food products in the realm of regional and operational resilience as well as product features and regional value-added topics.

The model consists of 28 quantitative and qualitative socio-economic indicators and is designed to be applied in addition to LCAs to cover all dimensions of sustainability. Furthermore the assessment model comprises the entire value chain from agricultural inputs to the point-of-sale and can also be applied to and compare different groups of food products as well as different food value chains. These product-related results are referred to as "regional benefit". The model has been applied to the Austrian premium organic brand Zurück-zum-Ursprung. During this project more than 200 organic and non-organic products are being assessed so far.

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  • Hofer KG, Prüf!Nach
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  • Sustainability assessment (Austria)
Date modified 21.02.2020