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Development of yield and humus formation in the soil through reduced soil cultivation and organic fertilization (green manure and organic fertilizer)


In the farming region of eastern Austria an operational group was established consisting of organic farmers, consultants and scientists. The aim of this group is the development and testing of innovative soil cultivation and green manure systems under on-farm (field trials) and on-station (long-term experiment) conditions to facilitate the sharing and transferring of experience and knowledge within and outside the group.

Optimization of farm-specific reduced soil tillage in combination with green manuring and/or organic fertilizers are investigated to determine how these contribute to an in-crease of yields and income, an improved nitrogen and nutrient supply to the crops, and an increase of humus content in the soil. These optimized cultivation systems aims to contribute to protecting against soil erosion, and climate shifts. Additionally, these systems aim to enhance the efficient utilization of on-farm resources, to enhance soil quality and biodiversity, and to allow for the adaption of systems to climate change.

Financing/ Donor

Finanzierung und Abwicklung über das Österreichische Programm für ländliche Entwicklung LE 14-20 (Finanzierung: Bund, Länder und Europäische Union)

Programm: Europäische Innovationspartnerschaft "Landwirtschaftliche Produktivität und Nachhaltigkeit"

Project partners
  • Bio Austria Niederösterreich und Wien
  • Bio-LandwirtInnen,
  • Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (Institut für Ökologischen Landbau, Institut für Hydraulik und landeskulturelle Wasserwirtschaft, Versuchswirtschaft Groß Enzersdorf)
  • Landwirtschaftliche Bundesversuchswirtschaften GmbH
FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL

Work package manager

Research area
  • Austria (Training)
  • Crop production and vegetable growing (Austria)
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