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Guidance values for soil organic matter in arable soils. Opportunities for implementation.

Title OriginalReferenzwerte für Humus in Schweizer Ackerböden. Humus im Vollzug

The reduction of soil organic matter or humus is recognized as a problem which threatens the integrity of soils. A change to crop rotations without clover grass and the increase in stockless farms without the use of farmyard manure anticipate a further decrease in humus contents. The federal enforcement bodies and the cantons raise the question as to whether and how monitoring of the soil organic matter contents is feasible. For this enforcement task, the administrative bodies need an assessment of the possibilities and limits of using the humus content of the soil as a measure for sustainable land use.

The aim of this project is to compile and evaluate publications and experiences related to humus guidelines for sustainable soil utilization.

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  • Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
  • Vollzug BodenBiologie
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  • Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) - Research and consultation
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