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Phytotherapy against Trichostrongylid Parasites - in vitro

Title OriginalPhytothérapie contre les Strongles Gastro-intestinaux - in vitro

When considering the different attempts to control Trichostrongylid parasites of ruminants, phytotherapy is of major importance in various parts of the world (Ethnoveterinary Medicine). Often, however, these traditionally used plants and plant products lack scientific efficacy proof. A first step towards demonstration of scientific efficacy should be in-vitro-testing of those plants.

In the present project a number of plants and plant metabolites will be checked for anthelmintic efficacy.

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  • private financing
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  • Animal health (Department of Livestock Sciences)
  • FiBL France (France)
FiBL project number 55280
Date modified 12.11.2019