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Pyrophos: Further development of alkali pyrolysis for removal of heavy metals and production of a market-grade P-K fertilizer from sewage sludge

Title OriginalPyrophos: Weiterentwicklung der Alkalipyrolyse zur Abtrennung von Schwermetallen und Herstellung eines marktfähigen Phosphor-Kalidüngers aus Klärschlamm

For an alkali pyrolysis, the sewage sludge is pyrolysed after adding potassium. Thus, heavy metals are removed in the vapour phase. This results in a P-K fertilizer that can be fully absorbed by plants and that has a market-grade nutrient content. In this project, the process will be optimised and piloted on a larger scale. Further plans are the assessment of the agronomic efficiency, plant design, cost calculation and the draft of a sales concept.

Financing/ Donor
  • Kommission für Technologie und Innovation KTI
Project partners
  • Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Hochschule für Life Sciences, Institut für Ecopreneurship
  • CTU Clean Technology Universe AG
  • Abwasserverband Altenrhein
  • Landor
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FiBL project staff (people who are not linked are former FiBL employees)
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FiBL project number P10085
Date modified 20.12.2019
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