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Sustainable and healthy nutrition - trade-offs and synergies

Title OriginalSustainable and healthy nutrition - trade-offs and synergies

In this project, we investigate the question of how nutritional patterns in Switzerland impact on health, environment, and socio-economic aspects. We will combine recent data on dietary patterns in Switzerland with environmental-economic models to create an integrative instrument for a comprenhensive analysis of the food sector. In the center of this analysis is the question of trade-offs and synergies between the themes of sustainable and healthy diets. From this analysis we will derive recommendations for consumers, policy, farmers and the food industry.

Financing/ Donor
  • NFP69: Schweizerischer Nationalfonds (SNF) – Nationale Forschungsprogramme (NFP)
(Research) Program
  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) - National Research Programmes (NRPs)
Project partners
  • Flury & Giuliani
  • Rütter Soceco
  • ZHAW
  • Uni Zürich
  • Treeze GmbH
Project Advisory Board
  • Bruno Cabernard (COOP, Switzerland)
  • Simon Briner (FOAG, Switzerland)
  • Anders Gautschi (FOEN, Switzerland)
  • Esther Camenzind (FDHA, Switzerland)
  • Markus Huppenbauer (Uni Zürich, Switzerland)
  • Dr. Tara Garnett (Oxford University, Great Britian)
  • Prof. Pete Smith (Aberdeen University, Great Britain)
  • Prof. Karl-Heinz Erb (Alpe-Adria University, Austria)
  • Prof. Johannes Kahl (Copenhagen University, Denmark)
  • Prof. Imke de Boer (Wageningen University, Netherlands)
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FiBL project staff
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Research area
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