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Enhancing Food Security and Agricultural Sustainability by Integrating Production Systems: Promotion of Low Input Dairy Management at Mirim Farm in DPR of Korea


At the strategic level, the project aims to introduce the concept of “mixed farming systems” in the DPR of Korea and produce solid evidence that such integrated production systems provide better food security impact than conventional crop based agricultural systems.

At the operational level, the project foresees to complete the model that has been set in to showcase integrated livestock-crop production. The Mirim Farm should serve as a research, education, and promotion “hub” to test, analyse and document different key technologies in this regard within the DPRK context, including the food components of quality milk production and processing practices.

The activities will relate to establish milk production and processing, for different reasons:

  1. to produce a healthy product that is especially relevant for vulnerable population groups,
  2. to show that good and high quality milk yields can be produced with sound fodder management,
  3. to stimulate future investments into improving conventional landrace breeds with (Swiss) semen of steers that perform well on milk with roughage based feed.
(Research) Program
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Project partners
  • Academy of Agricultural Sciences (DPR of Korea)
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