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Communication about environment for farmers, consumers, youth and representatives of media to the subject “Sustainable agriculture and nutrition”


We want to contribute to an organic sustainable food production and to sustainable local consumption in Croatia. Our target groups are organic farmers and those who convert their farms, all farmers interested in sustainable management, consumers, journalists, youths and children. Different types and measures of communication will be developed, put into practice, will be evaluated and if appropriate adapted.

Information about organic farming for operators will be collected in a book and also communicated through workshops. Other workshops give ideas for innovative shop models or cooking of leftovers. We will organize Open House Days on organic farms and representatives of the media are also included in the workshops.
We have special offers for children and youths, including a small film festival about sustainable nutrition. To promote this, we also set up a website.

Our goal is to educate, to create a conscience and a change in behavior amongst Croatian operators and consumers.

Financing/ Donor
  • Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)
Project partners
  • Ecologica (Kroatien)
FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Leopold Jochen
(people who are not linked are former FiBL employees)
Role of FiBL

Unterstützung, Beratung, Bereitstellung von Materialien, Erarbeitung von Präsentationen

Research area
  • Environmental education (Germany)
  • Internet (Germany)
FiBL project number 6402
Date modified 12.11.2019