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Control of oilseed rape pests


Oilseed rape attracts a number of pest insects which can be hardly controlled in organic production. Especially the pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus) can cause severe damage. In a first project from 2008 to 2012, different approaches were investigated:

  1. the use of stone meal,
  2. the use of entomopathogenic fungi,
  3. the development of a better forecasting models, and
  4. the effects of different cultivation methods on pollen beetle infestation level and yield.
Financing/ Donor
  • Bio Suisse (Knospe-Ackerbau-Beiträge)
FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
  • Clerc Maurice (Department Suisse Romande)
(people who are not linked are former FiBL employees)
FiBL project number 25010
Date modified 12.11.2019
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