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Assessment study of the LED supported fruit processing company "La Morina" in Moro, Peru

Title OriginalAssessment study of the LED supported fruit processing company „La Morina“ in Moro, Peru

Since its foundation in 2007, the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) has supported "La Morina S.A." a small fruit processing company in Moro, Nothern Peru. With this support, LED had clear development goals in mind: "La Morina" would help local farmers improve their market access while creating important income and labour opportunities within the region. Yet, the difficult market situation in the Peruvian fruit juice market plus the increasing opportunities to grow mango and avocado for export challenge the business model of "La Morina". This project evaluates the contextual and market situation of "La Morina" to conclude if and to what extent "La Morina" is likely to fufill its development mission while being able to compete in the local, regional, national or international market.

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  • Liechtensteinische Entwicklungsdienst (LED)
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FiBL project number 65135
Date modified 12.11.2019
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