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Lectures biodynamic school Rheinau

Title OriginalUnterricht biologisch-dynamische Ausbildung Rheinau

The school for biodynamic agriculture was started in 2013 in Rheinau, in cooperation with the biodynamic Rheinau farm estate and the Strickhof (competence centre for training and services in agriculture and food industry, Canton of Zurich). The titles “eidg. Landwirt/in mit Schwerpunkt Biolandbau” (Swiss certified farmer with focus on organic farming) and „Fachmann, Fachfrau der biologisch-dynamischen Landwirtschaft” (expert on biodynamic agriculture) are available as a standardized training over the course of four years. FiBL experts create classes in the areas of animal feeding, animal health and animal breeding.

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  • Biodynamische Ausbildung Schweiz
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Unterricht für Lehrlinge

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