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Crop protection

Crop protection

Projects on the theme

Status FiBL Title Start End
ongoing CH Conversion from Integrated Production (IP) to organic farming: Long-term effects on the diversity of beneficial arthropods (Langzeitauswirkungen) 01.01.2020 31.12.2023
ongoing CH Training materials and courses for best practices in organic and dynamic Cocoa Agroforestry systems 01.11.2019 31.12.2021
ongoing CH Going Bananas: Restoring Livelihoods of Conflict Affected Farmers in Cotabato (Going Bananas) 01.07.2019 30.06.2024
ongoing CH Innovative flower strips for sustainable orchard production 01.01.2019 31.12.2022
ongoing CH Result oriented agri-environmental measures (canton Zurich) (ZielBFF) 01.01.2019 01.02.2025
ongoing CH Commission for phenology and seasonality (CPS) (KPS) 01.01.2019 not defined
ongoing CH Organic berries: Interest group in Vaud 01.01.2019 31.12.2022
completed CH Verbuschung, Problempflanzen und Bewirtschaftungsplanung auf Alpweiden: Weiterentwicklung, Vereinheitlichung und Digitalisierung des Beratungsangebots (DigiPlanAlp) 01.03.2018 28.02.2019
ongoing CH Low-input orchard (BioDiVerger) 01.01.2018 31.12.2022
ongoing CH Use of functional agro-biodiversity to improve ecosystem services in vineyards 01.01.2018 31.12.2021
ongoing CH National Center for Climate Serivces (NCCS): priority theme crop pests (NCCS) 01.10.2016 30.09.2021
completed CH Sustainable plant protection against invasive pests in pomiculture and viticulture (InvaProtect) 01.01.2016 31.12.2018
completed CH Transdisciplinary systems research to develop a novel holistic concept for reducing the spread and impact of Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease in West Africa (TransdisCSSVD) 01.04.2015 31.12.2018
completed CH Innovative design and management to boost functional biodiversityof organic orchards (ECOORCHARD) 01.01.2015 31.12.2017
completed CH Potential and Limits of Pesticide Free Apple Growing by a Self-Regulating Orchard Set-Up (SFS) 01.01.2005 31.12.2016

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