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Why cows have horns


The brochure seeks to shed light on the importance of horns for cows and other ruminants by bringing together some basic facts and observations on developmental, physiological and behavioural phenomena of horns.

Pages 16
Authors Anet Spengler Neff (FiBL), Beatrice Hurni and Ricco Streiff in collaboration with the cattle breeding group of the Swiss Biodynamic Association with Martin Bigler, Robert Haeni, Mechthild Knösel, Andreas Letsch, Thomas Loeffler, Herman Lutke Schipholt, Alexandra Mayer, Peter Mika, Christian Müller, Dorothee Müller, Hans Oswald, Rochus Schmid, Urs Sperling, Heinrich Till, Andi Wälle and Silvia Ivemeyer (University of Kassel)
Publisher(s) Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association NZ, Bio-dynamic Association of India BDAI, Bioland e.V., FiBL (Hrsg.)
Year of publication 2016
Edition 1. Auflage
Publication Format Merkblatt
Version Druck
Language Englisch
ISBN Print 978-3-03736-327-0
Order no. 1712