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Mother-bonded and Fostered Calf Rearing in Dairy Farming


Based on the experiences of some farmers with mother-bonded or fostered calf rearing, the guide describes different management systems and provides numerous suggestions for the implementation of mother-bonded and fostered calf rearing and for on-farm equipment requirements.

Pages 24
Authors Anet Spengler Neff, Silvia Ivemeyer and Claudia Schneider (all FiBL) in collaboration with the cattle breeding group of the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture of Switzerland together with Martin Bigler, Barbara Bindel, Robert Haeni, Beatrice Hurni, Mechthild Knösel, Thomas Löffler, Herman Lutke Schipholt, Alexandra Maier, Peter Mika, Christian Müller, Dorothee Müller, Hans Oswald, Martin Ott, Michael Rist, Rochus Schmid, Urs Sperling, Ricco Streiff, Andi Wälle, Ariane Maeschli (FiBL), and together with Leigh Grant Consulting Ltd, Sabine Hartmann (FOUR PAWS) and Martin Lipka (FOUR PAWS)
Publisher(s) FiBL, VIER PFOTEN
Year of publication 2015
Edition 1st edition
Publication Format Technical guide
Version Professional print
Language English
ISBN 978-3-03736-267-9
Order no. 1660
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