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Towards a European Framework for Organic Market Information

Proceedings of the Second EISfOM European Seminar, Brussels, November 10 & 11, 2

The project European Information System for Organic Markets (EISfOM) aims to develop a framework for the collection and processing of data on organic production and markets. At the second EISfOM seminar, which took place in November 2005 in Brussels, a draft framework for a European Information System for Organic Markets was discussed and defined. The proceedings of the seminar provide the papers presented, covering farm production, farm financial data, prices, consumers/consumption and supply balances/international trade. Detailed project information is available at

Pages 213
Authors Markus Rippin, Helga Willer, Nicolas Lampkin, Alison Vaughan (Eds.)
Publisher(s) FiBL (Hrsg.)
Year of publication 2006
Edition 1. Auflage
Publication Format Studie
Version Ausdruck
Language Englisch
ISBN 978-3-906081-82-3
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