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Underlying Principles in Organic and “Low-Input Food“ Processing

Literature Survey

This publication contains a literature survey about the processing of organic and low-input food. The survey gives an overview of the development of standards and regulations for processed organic food, describes the concept of natural nutrition, the appropriate technology approach, minimal and careful processing. It highlights some consumer perceptions of organic food quality. For four different product groups (organic fruit and vegetables, cereals, milk and meat products) the main challenges in organic food processing are described. The main principles in organic food processing areidentified.

This data sheet is only available as a file for free download.

Pages 118
Authors Otto Schmid, Alexander Beck, Ursula Kretzschmar (Editors)
Publisher(s) FiBL (Hrsg.)
Year of publication 2004
Edition 1. Auflage
Publication Format Studie
Language Englisch
ISBN 978-3-906081-58-8
Order no. 1350