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Cell fusion free varieties in vegetable production


The list includes all available varieties of cabbage, chicory, radicchio types and sugar loaf that are not based on a CMS transferred by cell fusion.

Pages 13
Authors Hannah Bernholt (Bio Austria), Ruth Dettweiler (Demeter e. V.), Samuel Hauenstein (FiBL Schweiz), Wiebke Hönig (Bioland e.V.), Regina Schneider (Fachberatung für Naturland), Holger Scharpenberg (Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren e. V.)
Publisher(s) Bioland e.V., Bio Suisse, BNN, Bio Austria, FiBL, Naturland e.V.
Year of publication 2020
Edition 2. Auflage
Publication Format Liste / Verzeichnis
Version Nur Download
Language Englisch
Order no. 1179