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Hansueli Dierauer
(Dipl.-Ing. Agr. ETH)

Department of Soil Sciences
Group lead Cultivation Technique Arable Crops
Ackerstrasse 113
CH-5070 Frick

Phone +41 (0)62 865-7265
Mobile +41 (0)79 743-3402

Technical guide: Combining the best methods for successful control

As part of the OK-Net Arable project, FiBL and the Organic Research Centre ORC have produced a practical guide on dock control in organic farms. The publication can be downloaded free of charge or ordered as a printout.

Cover Technical guide

The new guide provides many ideas for the regulation of the dock in organic farms.

(April 27, 2018) 

Docks are a problem for many organic farms. Although docks are not specifically an "organic" problem, management on organic farms without recourse to herbicides can be particularly challenging. To date, there is no "magic bullet" for the solution of the dock problem on organic farms. The most promising approach therefore is a combination of different measures. The strategy presented in the new technical guide builds on measures to prevent the (further) establishment of dock plants. Depending on the level of dock infestation, different techniques are recommended for removing and suppressing established docks. The guide lists the causes for the spread of the dock, suggests solutions for the restoration of infested farmland and presents the latest innovations in dock control.

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Hansueli Dierauer


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