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Barbara Früh
(Dipl.-Ing. FH)

Département des sciences animales
Responsable du groupe Bien-être animal
Ackerstrasse 113
CH-5070 Frick

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New technical guide: Organic pig production in Europe

(October 10, 2011) 

Organic farmers in Europe have developed different housing systems for pigs based on the availability of land, soil characteristics, climate, tradition and national organic certification schemes.

Thie FiBL guide "Organic Pig Production in Europe Health Management in Common Organic Pig Farming" gives an overview of the typical housing systems used for pigs in organic farming. It lists advantages and disadvantages of the different systems and provides relevant recommendations to farmers for health managment.

The guide is a result of the CorePig project, one of the projects funded by CORE Organic (www.coreorganic.org). The overall objective of CORE Organic has been to enhance the quality, relevance and utilisation of resources in European research in organic food and farming by gathering a critical mass and establishing a joint reasearch programme. The eight joint research projects, which were selected for transnational funding by means of a virtual common pot approach, started in July 2007.

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