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Monika Messmer
(Dr. sc. agr)

Department of Crop Sciences
Group lead Plant Breeding
Ackerstrasse 113
CH-5070 Frick

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Theme Plant breeding

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Dossier on plant breeding techniques re-edited

Cover Dossier Plant breeding
(December 04, 2015) 

FiBL revised and expanded its dossier on plant breeding techniques in English due to the financial support of the European Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding (ECO-PB, www.eco-pb.org). FiBL and the ECO-PB hope this English version will facilitate the understanding about old and new breeding techniques and highlight the need for organic plant breeding. Moreover it is supposed to create a substantiated discussion about compatibility of new plant breeding techniques with the principles of organic agriculture.

The new edition of this dossier is very timely, as new plant breeding techniques are heavily debated at EU- and an international level. In the EU, it is currently discussed whether new plant breeding techniques shall fall under the EU regulation of genetic engineering. On an international level, criteria for application of cell fusion and new breeding techniques in the organic sector are debated in IFOAM working groups.

The dossier describes traditional, modern and nearly practice-ready techniques for plant breeding along with assessments of their suitability for organic farming. The overview of techniques is complemented by a position paper on organic plant breeding developed by ECO-PB in 2012 in an expert workshop on ecological plant breeding according to organic farming criteria.

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Monika Messmer