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Media release February 17, 2014

Ukraine – Successful presence at BIOFACH

Ukraine had its first ever organic country pavilion at BIOFACH 2014. Involving nine important Ukrainian companies, the pavilion was organized within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian Organic Market Development Project, which is funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and implemented by FiBL. The Ukrainian exhibitors are very positive about their presence at the trade fair.

Tobias Eisenring, Project Leader, Barbara Jäggin, SECO Programme Manager, and Natalie Prokopchuk, Project Manager, at the first Ukrainian organic pavilion. Photo: Adrian Krebs, FiBL

Barbara Jäggin, SECO Programme Manager, and Anatoliy Rudyuk, Chief of General Agriculture at Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, open Ukrainian pavilion. Photo: Adrian Krebs, FiBL

First Ukrainian organic pavilion at BIOFACH 2014. Photo: Adrian Krebs, FiBL

(Frick, February 17, 2014) "Participation in BIOFACH helps to build trust and credibility into Ukrainian organic products, something which is a key factor to success", said Tobias Eisenring, project leader of the Swiss-Ukrainian organic project.

One of the exhibitors, Vasyl Martynchuk from Rivneholod was very positive about the four days he spent at the first Ukrainian pavilion at the organic trade fair: "I have visited BIOFACH seven times but this year was the first time we exhibited there. We are very satisfied with our participation; all our foreign partners came to visit our stall and they were impressed with the professional presentation of our products. We also made a lot of new contacts", said the berry producer. His colleagues had similar positive experiences.

With the support of SECO and the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), the exhibiting companies presented their products, which typify the best of Ukraine’s excellent range of agricultural produce: cereals, soy, sunflower seeds and oil, cultivated herbs and berries collected from the wild.

The exhibiting companies were:

The Ukrainian stand at the world’s main organic trade fair sparked much general interest, since Ukraine has the potential to meet much of the growing global demand for organic products. It was an excellent opportunity for exhibitors, potential customers, the Ukrainian organic agribusiness and representatives of the Ukrainian government and a number of other governments to network. The pavilion was ceremonially opened by Barbara Jäggin, programme manager of SECO, and Anatoliy Rudyuk, Chief of general agriculture, chemicals and land reclamation at the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

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