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FiBL winery - Natural wine enjoyment guaranteed

FiBL has been operating its own winery since 2004. FiBL took over this winery from the Aargauer Staatstrotte, the state institution which had been managing the vineyards for nearly 40 years. Ever since the FiBL takeover, the vines have been managed according to the strict guidelines of Bio Suisse.

High standard of quality in vineyard and wine cellar

The FiBL winery places great store on consistent quality in the vineyard and in the processing plant. The key criteria for good wines are flavourful, fully ripened grapes, pressed as gently as possible in its own wine cellar.

The FiBL viticulture team is composed of experienced experts from the former Aargauer Staatstrotte and innovative FiBL advisors and researchers. Traditional wine growing practices are thus combined with the know-how of the most up-to-date organic research findings.

A cellar for more than 40 wines

The FiBL winery makes more than 40 different wines in its modern wine cellar. Each one of these wines is individually nurtured to ensure the optimal development of the character and the flavour of the grape variety. In addition to steel tanks and wooden barrels, we use containers as small as 5 litres. By doing so we can track the effects of viticulture experiments from the vineyard to the bottle ripeness of the wine.