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Department of International Cooperation

About us

We specialize in research, development cooperation and capacity building activities concerning organic sector-, market- and value chain development in low income countries. Building on vast expertise in development cooperation, we implement most of our work together with partner organizations and a large network of specialized experts. We support both the public and private sector in planning, implementing and evaluating projects aiming to foster sustainable agriculture and agro-ecological production systems.

How we work

Our focus is on resolving problems and finding pragmatic solutions for our clients and partners. Our role is different in each project, depending much on the target and scope of a project. Thereby, we rely on a wide range of analytical tools to flexibly perform our work in diverse contexts and challenging circumstances. Relying on a wide range of specialized FiBL experts and with staff originating from five continents, we strongly build on our social competence to complement our thematic expertise, such to successfully engage in different projects of varying nature.

What we offer

With 40 years of experience in organic farming and the expertise gained in market and sector development in the international context, we consider ourselves to be a strong, flexible and efficient project partner in these areas:

  • Applied systems research for sustainability - We design and implement research projects that contribute to a better sustainability performance of agricultural production systems especially in tropical and arid contexts.
  • Organic value chain & sector development - We design, implement and backstop different type of projects - for both the public and the private sector - that improve business partnerships and functional cooperation among value chain actors and sector stakeholders.
  • Extension & capacity development - We support capacity and institution building activities by sharing knowledge or facilitating learning processes among farmer groups or sector stakeholders.
  • Project evaluations & assessment missions - We act as consultants to engage in project evaluations and fact finding missions to support decision-making of both public and private sector funded interventions.