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bioC GmbH

Current Certification Information

bioC GmbH was founded in 2010 as an initiative of organic certification bodies, associations from the organic food industry and service providers. In 2014, IFOAM - Organics International joined bioC GmbH as a shareholder to promote the worldwide dissemination of the initiative and the availability of verified, up-to-date certification information. FiBL Deutschland e.V. is also a shareholder of bioC.

Information in Real Time

As part of the collaboration, bioC is building a global directory that will enable certification bodies to publish certification information and allow users to access it, both in real time.
bioC ensures that only certification information that has been authenticated by certification bodies is made available. This approach prevents fraud using counterfeit certificates.

With bioC, certification bodies and users save time and money by increasing efficiency in the verification of certificates and the certification status of suppliers and their products. Special attention is paid to data protection and security.

On the internet platform, information on currently more than 80,000 certified organic companies is made accessible by the organic-certification bodies. This includes information on both legal and private standards. Currently, 42 certification bodies and label holders from various countries are participating in the directory.

Further information

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