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Bio mit Gesicht GmbH

Transparency for Customers of Organic Products

Bio mit Gesicht is a quality initiative of Naturland, the market society of Naturland farmers, Bioland Markt, Bioland, Demeter, tegut..., Feneberg, ecoinform and the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL). With this project, these partners are pursuing the common goal of expanding quality-oriented organic farming and making it possible to experience how organic farming is represented in particular by the associations of organic farming.
“Bio mit Gesicht: Sehen, wo's kommt kommt" (Organic with face: See where it comes from) - under this motto, Bio mit Gesicht creates transparency via an online platform about where organic products come from and how they are produced and processed: “Bio mit Gesicht" products have a "bio-mit-gesicht-Nummer" (organic with a face number) printed on them and a reference to the website

By entering the number of the product on the homepage, customers can access a portrait of the farm or company from which the product originated or was processed and get to know the company during a virtual visit: Who lives and works there, which guidelines are being followed, what interesting things can be reported about the company? In addition, Bio mit Gesicht offers information about the purchased product and provides matching recipes as well as interesting facts about organic farming (