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Health of small ruminants and pigs

The project "Health of small ruminants and pigs" is part of a research program in Biovallée (a region in France with a particularly high density of organically managed agricultural surface). The main program objective is to identify what encourages and hinders change of farming practices, in order to develop productions of high environmental quality, and provide access to local and quality food for all on a regional level. In the project, sustainable control solutions against the most important health issues will be evaluated. They were suggested by goat and pig farmers. The work will be carried out on farms and deal with parasite problems for both pig and goat/sheep farming as well as other health problems such as limping or skin problems in pigs. The work is focused on alleviating the aforementioned problems by using phytotherapy and general animal husbandry.

Financing/ Donor

Project partners

  • Syndicat caprin de la Drôme
  • Agribiodrome
  • Communauté de Communes du Val de Drôme