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Projects of FiBL France

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Status FiBL Title Start End
ongoing FR Studies about the association of sheep breeding and fruit tree production (ECORCE) 01.01.2021 31.12.2023
ongoing CH FR Synergistic use and protection of natural resources for rural livelihoods through systematic integration of crops, shrubs and livestock in the Sahel (SustainSAHEL) 01.09.2020 01.09.2025
ongoing CH FR Control of Gastrointestinal Nematodes (GIN) in goat by low-risk grazing systems in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (AuRA), France. Evaluation of the effect of summer, winter and mowing breaks on the GIN population on pasture (ParCap AuRA) 01.01.2020 31.12.2022
ongoing CH FR Control fusariosis in garlic and melon crops according to soil diversity. Proposal of agronomic and ecological levers in SYNERGY with the potentialities of pedoclimatic contexts and with conventional and organic farming systems. (SYNERGIES) 01.01.2019 30.06.2022
completed FR Plants and plant products and Goat Health (PEP-IT Plante et Santé Caprine) 01.01.2019 31.12.2020
completed FR Sheep in vineyards: toxicity risk evaluation of vineyard copper treatment on sheep 01.09.2017 01.09.2019
completed CH FR Health of small ruminants and pigs (TRANSAAT) 01.09.2017 30.09.2020
completed CH FR Sustainable parasite management in cattle and horses 01.04.2017 30.04.2020
completed FR CH Compost - Soil fertility and plant health 01.03.2017 31.12.2019
completed CH FR Phytotherapy against Trichostrongylid Parasites - in vitro 01.03.2017 31.03.2019
completed FR Phytotherapy and self-medication against gastro-intestinal nematodes in goats 01.06.2016 31.12.2017
completed CH FR Sustainable control of phytoplasma borne lavender disease 01.05.2016 30.06.2020
completed CH FR Administration of Sainfoin pellets - Effects on internal parasites and cheese quality in goats 01.07.2015 31.07.2018

Total datasets : 13