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About us

Based in Brussels, FiBL Europe was founded in 2017 to represent the four national FiBL research institutes (FiBL Switzerland, FiBL Germany, FiBL Austria, FiBL France) and the Hungarian research institute of organic agriculture ÖMKi at a European level. FiBL Europe benefits from the backing and expertise of its board, which comprises the directors of the national FiBL offices as well as the expertise of over 300 FiBL researchers dealing with a broad range of scientific disciplines applied to organic and sustainable agricultural practices. FiBL Europe is the most important research network on organic food and agriculture, and provides a single access point for the full competences of the national FiBL institutes. It offers applied research, consultancy and training.

FiBL Europe’s objectives are to

  • promote and expand the use of internet-based databases and services for farmers, farm advisors, certifiers, associations and public authorities with a particular focus on organic inputs ( and organic seeds (
  • enhance the availability and usage of data on production and trade of foods with organic or sustainability labels gathered and analyzed by FiBL (
  • promote FiBL’s sustainability assessment concept and methodologies for agricultural businesses, for companies in the food sector and for decision makers (using tools such as SMART and Life Cycle Assessment).
  • offer different kind of tools with information on organic farming techniques and knowledge in various European languages.
  • conduct socio-economic studies on agricultural sustainability and agricultural policy research and collaborate in their development.

Further information