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RSS Newsfeed: Always know what’s new at FiBL

RSS is an easy way for you to always keep up-to-date with FiBL news. All you need is a piece of software called an RSS reader which you can install on your computer for free. In order to receive the FiBL newsfeed simply copy the following address and paste it into your RSS reader. That’s it.

What is RSS and what can it do?

RSS is a platform-independent XML-based format allowing for the exchange of news and other web content. All articles published at are aggregated into a XML file, the “feed”. This feed contains the headlines and a URL pointing to the full text of the article concerned and it can be subscribed to and read using the RSS reader. If you are interested in a particular article you simply click on the URL which will take you to the full text. The reader thus allows you to monitor changes on a website without having to load that website including all its images and banners.

RSS Reader

In order to read RSS feeds an RSS "reader" is required, most of which function much in the same way as e-mail programmes. Many different RSS readers are available nowadays. The following site provides a good overview of the various systems on offer: