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Workshop in Brussels on the new import regime

The European Union is currently implementing the revised rules on the import regime according to the EU regulation on organic farming.

Beginning 2011, the first list of certification bodies approved for their operations in Third Countries is expected to be published - this will be a major step for implementation of the new import regime and a good moment to evaluate the new system with the stakeholders.

The European funded project CERTCOST (www.certcost.org) and the Anti-Fraud Initiative (AFI) (www.organic-integrity.org) have sent out invitations for a joint CERTCOST-AFI Workshop "The revised EU Import Regime and practical approaches to prevent fraud" on January 24 and 25, 2011 in Brussels, University Foundation.

Further information

Contact person at FiBL: Beate Huber

Invitation flyer (134.0 KB)