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Website of the Biofruitnet project now online

Screenshot of the Biofruitnet website

Screenshot of the Biofruitnet website

The project Biofruitnet is coordinated by the international organic farmers’ association Naturland and carried out in collaboration with 15 partner organisations representing 12 countries in total. They will work together during three years to provide information to the farmers in a practical way to tackle the challenges of pests and diseases in fruit crops. FiBL is one of the project partners.

The output of the project will be featured on the new website, which consists of an about section that presents the project’s aim and objectives, its work plan as well as the all the partners of the project. The news, containing press releases and a newsletter, will help disseminate the project results and keep interested parties informed.

The resources page will feature the project’s output in terms of publications and practice abstract – short fact sheets providing practical information aimed at farmers and advisors. These resources will also be made available on Organic Farm Knowledge, an online platform for organic farmers and advisors, which is maintained by FiBL in collaboration with further partners.

Videos and podcasts round off the experience by providing practical information in an entertaining manner. Make sure to visit the website and keep track of the progress of the project.

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  • Michael Friedli, FiBL Switzerland
  • Andreas Basler, FiBL Switzerland



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