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US ambassador and the Executive Council of the canton of Aargau visit FiBL

From left to right: FiBL foundation council member Dr. Bernard Lehmann, FiBL director Marc Schärer, Landammann Dr. Markus Dieth, FiBL foundation board president Martin Ott, FiBL director Knut Schmidtke, US ambassador Edward T. McMullen, FiBL director Dr. Lucius Tamm, executive councillor Jean-Pierre Gallati, state chancellor Vincenza Trivigno. (Photo: FiBL, Andreas Basler)

On Friday, 16 October 2020, FiBL Switzerland had the honour of welcoming Mr. Edward T. McMullen, Ambassador of the United States of America to Switzerland, and the members of the Executive Council of the canton of Aargau, Dr. Markus Dieth, Jean-Pierre Gallati and Vincenza Trivigno, to FiBL in Frick.

FiBL directors Knut Schmidtke, Lucius Tamm and Marc Schärer presented FiBL's research and advisory work, and took the Ambassador and the members of the Executive Council on a tour of the research institute.

We are very pleased about the Ambassador's interest in organic agriculture and its research and development. The exchange of ideas was very inspiring. It is well known that the USA is the world's largest market for organic products. This is one of the reasons why FiBL hopes for a strategic expansion of research cooperation between the USA and Switzerland in the field of organic farming and sustainable nutrition systems.

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  • Knut Schmidtke, Director of Research, Extension & Innovation, FiBL Switzerland
  • Lucius Tamm, Director of Cooperation, FiBL Switzerland
  • Marc Schärer, Director of Finance & Administration, FiBL Switzerland