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TP Organics: Online Consultation on Strategic Research Agenda

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The Technology Platform TP Organics has reached major achievements in the first half year 2009 on its way towards a Strategic Research Agenda. The current consultation is running until October 26, 2009.

TP Organics successfully implemented a stakeholder forum in July of 2009 with EU umbrella organisations, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), representatives of the European Commission, civil society and research community. The first public consultation round on the first draft of the Strategic Research Agenda was completed and a specified consultation for the SME has been launched.

Currently the Strategic Research Agenda SRA, the second major document of TP Organics, is finalized. The aim is to secure the broadest possible participation and ownership and therefore consults the organic sector and stakeholders.  

The current consultation is running until October 26, 2009. Suggestions with highest priority will then be included in the SRA as proposals for research topics.

In December 2009, the final findings will be presented to the EU institutions to get a last feedback before the document is officially published.

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Online consultation

TP Organics invites all to vote (and comment) the research needs for each research area by the proper online forms, following these links:



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